Vladimir Pukis

Vladimir Pukis

- Linguist. Teacher of English Language and Literature, Uzhhorod (Ungvár) State University, Ukraine

- Translator / Interpreter from/into English, Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian and Rusyn.

- PhD dissertation: “Proper Names of Caucasian Czechs in Russian-Language Discourse."

- Journalist (personal names study, history, culture, religion, wine), author (Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak media

– over 300 articles published in mass media and peer-reviewed academic journals). - Monograph "Caucasus Czechs: Years & Fates. 1868-2010."

15:10 - 15:30

The Rusyns - an Enigmatic Slavonic People in the Centre of Europe, or Unknown Slavs?

Their language and culture yesterday and today. The Rusyns are an autochthonous Central European ethnic group, living in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Serbia. Many linguists consider Rusyn/Ruthenian the 4th East Slavonic language, though there exist at least 4 variants of (codified) Rusyn language. Sunethnic groups of Rusyns – Lemkos (Polish and Slovak), Dolyniany, Pannonian Rusyns, and others. Boikos and Hutsuls – can they be called Rusyns too? Plural self-identity of (many) Rusyns. Rusyn as the most archaic surviving East Slav language. Hungarian and German (via Hungarian) borrowings in Rusyn. The linguistic border between East Slovak and Rusyn vernaculars. Pannonian Rusyns – East Slovak substrate with Ukrainian and Serbian loan-words, written in Cyrillic and definitely considering themselves as belonging to East Christianity (Greek / Byzantine rite Catholic).